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CODE Douchebags

I know, you were expecting a rant, but you will get no such thing from me.  This is an issue that keeps coming up in HighSec in EVE.  CODE this, CODE that.  So lets lay this issue to bed once and for all shall we?

Now, I am a firm believer in logic and before we start, no, I do not expect a community playing a MMO such as EVE to use logic, however for any corporation or alliance that runs around touting a CODE, well we have to go and look at this definition.

  1. 1.
    a system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy.
    “the Americans cracked their diplomatic code”

    “a secret code”
  2. 2.
    program instructions.
    “hundreds of lines of code”

Lets examine that first definition a little closer, “a system” — stop, right there.  System.  Which is, “orderliness; method.”  Now we are getting to the meat of this.  A method, such as a Code of Conduct being a construct of logical order.   Now we have established that hidden in the meaning of the corporation itself, identifies CODE as an organization that should be utilizing logic to execute their rules in HighSec.

But this is not what happens.  As most know and what CODE is well known for is miner ganking.  Yes, ganking.  Suffice to say, the big bold descriptions of the ORE faction (the ships miners are in) states very clearly, that they are not equipped for defense, and rely on others to provide that defense for them.  So lets extrapolate what was just said thus far:  CODE ganks helpless miners and claims there is logic behind it.

You are likely asking, “What logic could justify this?”

And this would be an apt question.  So lets also examine this as well.  According to their “CODE” there is no reason for HighSec Miners.  Meaning that there is never any reason for any one to mine in HighSec, period, end of statement.  This has to be the most illogical, and idiotic statement that could be made when examining this with a logical mindset.  Miners whom are just starting out cannot defend themselves in a mining ship, which means they are constrained to HighSec to make a profit, and the actual raw materials required to build ships can only be acquired by MINING.  Most new players won’t even have a source of income other than Mining to build their newest ships.  If you expect a brand new player to shell out 10,000,000 ISK on a new cruiser without mining (solely on grinding Sec 1 and Sec 2 missions), then you’re not using logic.

But lets be fair, lets examine the supply chain of a Low/NullSec corp and how they gain money and their ships to ensure that my statement is absolutely true or false.  Ok, so you have one type of Low/NullSec corp, and those are battle corps — you have to be in order to survive.   This means that your income is generally made largely by your success rate of killing pilots and looting and salvaging them.  So, while this corp did get their ships by salvaging and looting the ships they killed before them, where did the other corp get their ships?  You can circularly argue all day that they too also did the same thing, but we need to get to he originating ships, those 100 ships that provided the salvage and loot to make these corps a profit.  And we go back to miners and the ships created because of them with the raw materials these miners extract from both High and Low/Null Sec.

So, we can conclude, right now, that miners in all security areas are a necessity to the continued success of the game itself.  They are necessary to the success of all corporations.  Without miners we wouldn’t have ships, we wouldn’t have POS’s, we wouldn’t have AMMO to shoot with.  This one item flaws their entire “CODE” to its fundamentals.

But you say, they are only after AFK miners?  Well, I would argue that this isn’t the case, as I have seen miners get blown to bits by CODE simply because they didn’t respond in local fast enough (within 8 seconds).  But for argument’s sake, lets assume this is correct.  Lets assume that they are truly only after the AFK miners, most of us do not appreciate AFK miners either.  Then we also have to assume there is some casualties to this cause.  What CODE is doing is burning a city to the ground because they found a couple of cockroaches in one building.

There is a better method to handling the issue, such as truly ensuring that each miner is afk — such as sending them a private message, bumping them, and waiting to see them target a new asteroid before deciding to blow them out of the sky.  Not every miner will be at their keyboard 100% of the time, meaning that if I’m out mining in my little venture, I may be on the phone, I may have run to take a leak, there are several things I can do between mining cycles to make my life more productive while I play the game.  Am I AFK mining? No.  I was present at the keyboard at the time I told the lasers to fire off, and have all intentions of spending more time at the keyboard than away.  Ensuring that the miner is really afk and not running to the rest-room just after a rat kill ensures that you are targeting the correct AFK miners — the ones that bot and use macros to target while they are truly elsewhere or on another account.

My challenge to CODE is this: Find real afk miners, the ones that have made millions in the market while afk botting the entire time and respect for your organization will rise.  The more you pop miners that simply didn’t respond in a time-frame you think to be reasonable doesn’t mean they were afk or afk-like.  Here is the simple fact of the matter.   If you have to use CLOAK in order to enforce your code, you are obviously targeting and extorting the wrong miners in accordance with your CODE as an at-the-keyboard miner would likely warp off when 20 catalysts show up uncloaked, and CODE knows this to be true, which is why I conclude the following:

1) CODE is nothing more than an extortion racket built upon the dogma of a degenerate.

2) CODE’s code is not a code at all, as it does not follow any logic and does not enforce any rule that is for the best interest of themselves and the person following it.  The only interest served in CODE’s code, is CODE.

3) The intentional absence at the Alliance Tournament is a unforgettable testament to CODE’s integrity and character — telling us that CODE is not capable nor possesses the skill to fight grizzled PVPers which is why they hunt the defenseless miners in highsec where they have the least chance of retaliation.