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CODE: What they are not saying

Many of you have heard about the recent rash of permabans targeting CODE.  While they are creating some superb cover-stories you have to ask what they don’t want you to know.

Imagine this story:  A new corporation, a guild fresh out of Elder Scrolls Online arrives at this scene in the story, they begin to white-knight for people being extorted by CODE and starts to hunt the organization one at the time.   CODE quickly takes notice and begins to deploy assets against this new corporation.  Starting with the purchase of a 60,000,000,000.00 ISK pvp character specifically tasked to target and war this new corporation.  When this didn’t work, they employed another organization to war dec this new corporation.  When this didn’t work and once that corporation all but disbanded, the bought character then joins his character to a mercenary corporation to bring in a large alliance to the war.  During this war this alliance looses about 100 plex stored in a POS we have destroyed.  And alas all the sudden the GM’s of the game begin to target individuals of CODE that have violated the TOS by rookie griefing and making IRL threats to miners.

You see, this is the story they don’t want you to hear – a new corporation, Divine Reapers, fells CODE in their own game with smart use of mercenaries, and enforcement of the TOS.