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Dual Universe: DR Drops Support

Our Guild and Community has been around for quite a while.  We have learned many lessons the hard way, and one of those lessons is to never try to play a pay-to-win game.  Any game that allows real-world money to affect the in-game economy or power-balance is Pay-To-Win.

We have decided to drop support of Dual Universe after several of us backed the game after finding that they would be employing “Pay-To-Win” business models on day one.  While the pay-to-win elements of the game are unlike most other games they meet our criteria to be pay-to-win.

If two players were to start the game, one with a $100 budget and one with a $100,000 budget, could both achieve equal stats {in-game currency included} in the same timeframes?

This game fails our metrics because of the DAC system, which is a method of a player purchasing game time with IRL money and allowing that item to be traded to other players on the in-game market and economy.  Akin to EVE Online, by the use of PLEX, corporations win wars based on IRL wallet sizes and not necessarily people, skill, or trade.  The common saying in EVE goes like this:

Never undock in anything you can’t afford to lose

Anyone with a large wallet can undock without fear, replace what they lost without any time investment in the game.  This is wrong and encourages wallet wars and not PvP.  It is in our opinion that a wallet war is generally not very fun, not because we are all economically challenged and lack the money, but because we’re simply not stupid enough to invest a month’s worth of income into fighting a billionaire that can drop thousands into the game like pocket change.

Our members were asked to cancel their pledges early yesterday entering the following cancellation message:

DAC = P2W, Sorry!

If you would like to join our support of stopping the Pay 2 Win cancer in the video game industry, join us by canceling your pledge with the above-stated comment.  Let the developers know this behavior is unacceptable!

We will update this article if this changes at any point in the future.  This is a game we would love to get behind but we are unable because of the newly announced DAC system.