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Cheaters on Empyrion and How we Catch’em :)

Just today our server automatically wiped 2 players from the server. Here is what I awake to:

76561198182136987 removed 24,172:1
76561198012383451 removed 24,172:1

For any interested here is the info for each player:

steamID: STEAM_0:1:110935629
steamID3: [U:1:221871259]
steamID64: 76561198182136987
Name: Insanity

steamID: STEAM_0:1:26058861
steamID3: [U:1:52117723]
steamID64: 76561198012383451
customURL: Krookedkilla
name: Krookedkilla

These two players serve as a new case study of how my software works. Basically, because there is no real-time monitoring (hint: Devs, add this and the software becomes deadly accurate 😉 ) that can occur on someone’s inventory, the server employs passive monitoring. For instance, instead of checking the inventory, it checks the resource values on ships and in containers as well as keeping track of where the player is and the nodes in which they have mined and calculates, through game values what a player should have vs what they really have.

This process isn’t infallible in fact if an admin becomes involved and replaces something due to a bug the metrics can quickly become distorted, in fact, it has done so with each player but it can be re-calibrated after a wipe or whatnot. We expect numbers between 0.1:1 and 2.5:1. What that means is, the first number is what someone actually has, the second number is what is “expected”. Of course, if you are hit by a game bug and lose something unexpectedly, you’re going to look like that first example, 0.1:1, and if an admin over-refunds you, 2.5:1 would be expected.

These two players were flagged for having 24,172:1 for their faction, that means, and to reiterate, for every “Combat Steel Block” the server COULD account for, there were 24,172 it could not account for. A “safe” number was created a week ago of 100:1, that is, 100:1 is pretty much a “100% cheater” metric.

After checking, since a server wipe for a patch, within 22 hours they were able to create 3 CV with 100% combat armor cubes, 4 SV’s, 100% combat armor, and a mega-base with 100% combat armor cubes and approx 100 turrets.

The only excuse is given after asking how they gained the resources?

We already had the base cooking before server wipe.

Which all sounds valid until you consider that all timers were reset and the blueprint of their base shows a 48-hour timer.

Before the wipe, one of the above-mentioned players was warned already with a player wipe as their ratio reached 101:1. And after a raid last night there were multiple reports from the defenders that players that were and had been offline for hours had their bases and items absolutely obliterated. I, of course, generally take the complaints from raiding with a grain of salt, but in this case, discounting all the reports from other players, the numbers are prima facie.

So, while this software proves that our software does work, we send a warning to other Empyrion: Galactic Survival Admins: You may want to delete these players.


The admins made the decision being as these cheaters aggressed another faction the day before and completely wiped them with cheated resources that we would allow them to loot their base minus obviously duped items (See video).

Just in case there was any doubt, we found a STACK of credit cards, not to mention their accounts had already redeemed about 200 each. If there was a smoking gun, it is the below screenshot or the video showing a bag full of reactor cores.