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Website Version 3.0 is Here!

As you can see, we have taken a wrecking ball to the old website and we have added a new style and have integrated Steam into the new website!

Most of the games we play these days are on Steam, and our old theme was basically a free WordPress style.  This new theme is a custom theme created for us by Goldsboro Web Development. In this new system, there are many new things you will see that you’ve never seen before on our website.

Group/Chapter Fix

First of all, “Groups” are no longer groups, they are “Chapters” and the website now accurately represents this.


All Chapters in which we have a server for now have a “Game Info” tab that shows the following data:

Get the Game


Server Info


Server Listing Page

We now have a server list that shows all of our active and dormant game servers!  Each segment precisely details the information about that server’s hardware.  We plan on having other features on this page in the future such as how many users are online.


The Mega Menu

This was a big undertaking to add to our site.  The “Community” link at the top now contains a mega menu that details each of the main segments of our website such as our Chapters, Members, and Forums!


Server FAQs

Now, when you’re looking at our server list, it is in plain English!  There are also Server FAQ’s at the bottom detailing why we use our own servers and what some terms mean.


Steam Link

Now when you login or register to your website, you can do so with Steam instead of the traditional username and password challenge.  This also links your account to Steam.


But you can manually do this by setting your profile data to your Steam Username (not Display Name).



We hope you are as thrilled with the changes as the rest of us are! If you see any errors or if a page is not displaying correctly, please let us know!

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Big Splash Made in Eve

While using Eve as a crutch to get away from ESO for some in Divine Reapers, we have made a very big splash in Eve already.  While only in the game for two weeks, there are larger alliances that are absolutely terrified of the nature, secrecy, and unpredictability of our guild.  Now some of you that don’t play may be thinking, “Bejezus, Chip! Why would you want to terrify people?” and I would say to keep in mind the alliance we are referring to here are professional newbie griefers (they seriously earn in-game money on it).

So, the story of Divine Reapers once again keeps going.  We are currently setting ourselves up to immanently be a PVPing mega-corporation in low sec.  We have a few steps we all have to take care of first as a corp (faction grinding for corp faction to get jump clones so we won’t loose implants when we die) and we’ll be diving in head-first.

Some other updates:

As I posted in the forums yesterday, we had a member leave the guild in Eve because another member called me a penis.  At any rate, it was a funny story, and if you missed it, I am terribly sorry 😛