• Observant posted an update 5 years ago

    Figured out how to log in without Facebook!
    Also, missing you guys in the ESO realms 🙁

    • I tried giving it a shot, I really did.

      1) The population seemed empty, very empty
      2) High end-zones for grouping were bare (no players)
      3) PVP was polarized — each faction had its own buff server, and that was the extent of PVP
      4) Ok they changed the skills — I spent a few moments relearning the toon, but very quickly found it was all about the stamina.
      5) Everything else seemed unchanged.

      TL;DR — seems like ESO is dead 🙁

      • As much as I’d like to continue being optimistic about this game, I just don’t have it in me anymore. You’re spot on with everything, the only foreseeable change I see to the above is that PVP Buff servers are only a problem during early morning/afternoon (EST). With the influx of Buy to Play players, all campaigns are pop-locked by about 8pm EST, which is nice for the colour of the map, not the latency issues.

        • Just hang out with us in TS3, at least you’ll have a group of folks to fall back on 🙂 We’ve been having a blast in a few non-mmo (and MMO) games. We’re trying to steer towards games we’re all interested in or would have fun playing.

        • This is the greatest example of how mismanagement can kill a game, no matter how popular or loved it is.

          Honestly I love the Elder Scrolls games and had high hopes and expectations of ESO. It lived up to nearly every expectation except one: Administration. When it came to cheats, hacks, exploits, my expectations were dashed, and as a result the game lost droves of players. Once that first mass of players left, it was a down-hill spiral.

          Of course Zenimax finally addressed it but it was too little too late. Many people such as Peled, Unbra, Rob, Breea, and myself felt as if the entire PVP “game” was tainted by the cheating and exploiting from players being allowed to a) keep their spoils and b) go completely unpunished and unchecked.

          This wasn’t a singular event, there were many, upon many issues leading right up to it and a lack of any response (if any at all) from the admins of the game:

          1) Bat Swarm & Inhale
          2) Caltrops & Oilpots
          3) Mesh Glitching
          4) Base safe-area camping

          The response from the devs was, “its not technically cheating if they are using a bug in the game”. Like hell it was, its called an exploit. I hear they’ve finally revised their view and now banning players for exploiting — the problem is, 80% of the players are gone, 50% of them never to return because they have such a sour taste in their mouths (like Rob, Cross, Peled, and Unbra).

          Again, this is just a fine example of how fast a very popular game can crash when the admins just don’t seem to give a damn about the health of its community until it starts to hurt the wallet (hint to Zenimax: when it hurts the wallet, its a bit too late).

    • Hey Observant, not sure if you’ve checked it out, but we’re playing Ark: Survival Evolved now. Very much like ESO, except dinos and dragons :). You have no powers but you can tame dinos, ride them, even the flying dinos.

      We have our own PVP server atm but I’m not sure how long. Right now we have just opened to the public, but to be honest, if we can’t get a good chunk of DR back in, we’re likely going to close it down and just host it locally for the 10-15 of us still around.