• Shane Howard posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    just a heads up… I was naughty and now im doing work release til the end of October. so don’t delete me. ill be back in eso and prolly give eve a try. I can get online at work with my laptop but net sucks so no gaming. see you all in a few.

    • Naughty you say? Yeah, you don’t want to know the condition of ESO right now. I’ve advised a few folks that have been gone a while “You don’t want to remember the game in a state that it is now, no matter how bad your itch is”. The PVP in the game is really not viable any longer; it had been getting really bad for the past two months but now from what I hear, it is all about who possesses the god ability to one shot everyone.

      Basically, we have a really big chunk of our core in ESO that is playing EVE right now.