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SERVER STATUS: Indefinitely Offline

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    Chip Patton

    We will not be hosting Space Engineers until the Dedicated Server software (developed by Keen Software House) us in a state that can be considered stable and friendly to admins.

    As of the current time, many components on a server can cause the entire server to crash or even cause player’s structures and ships to randomly disappear or explode.  Also, with just 2 players online a 16 (2 CPU) Xeon Core Server can’t seem to keep the simulation speed above 0.90.  With more players and more ships, the simulation speed takes even steeper hits.

    When these critical issues are corrected, we will bring the server back online.  Until then, feel free to visit the steam forums and voice your opinion that you believe the dedicated server should take priority to tutorials.

    - Chip Patton was here.

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