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Anyone else experience this Rift Generator bug?

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    Ryan McAfee

    I just got this game about a week ago so I don’t know too much about possibly well known bugs. however this issue has happened to me twice now so I felt I should ask about it.
    I am creating rifts to other systems near Hadron, the last time it was to Solkonce, and when I travel through them I end up in an unidentified system with completely different surrounding systems. On the rift generator, no central system is shown, and on the holotable there are zero entities anywhere within sensor range. There are no asteroids, no stations, no ships; nothing except for the skybox (Unrelated, but the skybox also sometimes appears reddish-orange instead of the normal bluish-green nebula). I end up in a completely random part of the galaxy, and cannot get back to Hadron (this has caused me to lose many expensive ships and waste a lot of xanthium.)

    Any suggestions, or help?



    Chip Patton

    I’ve had it happen twice. The devs are trying to pin it down to what is causing it and how. Sounds like that the world is being serialized too fast and not being recaptured once it is spawned. But that’s more of a question for Sentinel.

    - Chip Patton was here.

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