7 Days to Die


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    Chip Patton

    If you are looking for the connection info for the server its under the Server Info Tab.

    If you are wondering what this game is — imagine Minecraft crossed with DayZ; that is the best way to put it.

    EVERYTHING is completely destructible, and constructable – and no squares like Minecraft.  Zombies come at you in hordes and waves, and you have to gear up, find weapons, and figure out how to survive the night — a time where Zombies move faster than you do!

    Everything runs smoothly until the 7th night.  The night of the 7th there is a super-massive zombie spawn with zombie bosses in the spawn.  On our server, there are hundreds of spawns and dozens of bosses that spawn.  So your entire week is to prepare for that 7th day, then the 14th day (which is harder than the 7th), the the 21st (which is harder than the 145h) and so on.

    As time progresses the game will become harder and harder.  Zombies are smart and can smell your food, they respond to your sound (when making too much noise, even your gunshots can spawn a massive horde), and they will tunnel under ground to breech your defenses.

    On our server we are at day 21+  Our next 7 day is day 28 and are eagerly waiting for it.  We also have a few other players that may or may not be hostile to us.  At the moment, we have created a massive strong-hold — Rob and Kilgore calls it “Fort Kickass” that we are allowing all of our guildies to take refuge in indefinitely if need be.  The fort supports about 20 defenders easily, with 2 inner watch towers and 2 outposts; a main keep, and defensible walls with walkways and gatehouses that allow for pit-shooting enemies trying to break down the door.

    2 things you need to know:  1) When you join the server, immediately friend someone in the guild — Chip (leewells2000), Rob (Bruckner), or Killgore (KilgorSmudge) — immediately and then track them to find the fort.  Immediately grab a sleeping bag or bed and set it down in a room in the basement or on top of the keep so if you die you will respawn there and not randomly across the map.   2) Do not venture out at night.  If you join at night, just log out for a few minutes and wait for daylight.   The first things you’ll want to figure out how to make is a stone axe — this is a mufti-purpose tool you will use a lot until you can start using a forge and figure out how to make molds from clay.  The next thing you’ll want to do is get armored.  I am keeping the lockers in the basement supplied with iron-plated armor which gives the best protection in the game.  You are not invincible with this armor, but it gives you a few milliseconds to get away from a zombie should one sneak up behind you.

    - Chip Patton was here.


    Anyone bothering to play on the server anymore? Last few times I logged in, I was alone the entire time

    Chip Patton

    I’m in and out… Lotta things happening here — A LOT.

    - Chip Patton was here.

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