Humble Beginnings

There are three important people to know in our community.  These three you can say are the grandfathers of the community.

Today, Chip Patton remains the community administrator. Chip is the grandfather of the DKP system.  His early DKP software written in PHP would come to service nearly 500,000 players in EverQuest, World of Warcraft, and other MMOs.  His role today is to establish and lead chapters until the chapter has a strong enough community to become self-governing.  He then takes on an advisory role in the Chapter and ensures that each member of these chapters has the freedom and coordination to easily play any game our community is involved with.


We only expect our community members to abide by one rule, and every rule is always subsequent of this one rule:

Have fun, but not at the expense of others.

  1. EULA VIOLATIONS – You may not at any time be in violation of the ELUA of the game you are playing. If any member, at any time, is found to be in willful violation of the EULA of the game our guild is present on, that member will be permanently removed from our community. This means that you may not exploit in any game, use bots in games where the EULA prohibits the use thereof, and use third party programs that give you an unfair advantage where the EULA prohibits the use thereof.
  2. CHAIN OF COMMAND – You must attempt to follow all instructions and directives issued by officers of our guild. Willful disobedience to reasonable instructions and directives will result in removal from the community. Always attempt to resolve issues at the lowest level possible for escalating the issue to sergeants, officers, and leaders.
  3. DO NOT BEG – Begging in our community is strictly prohibited. Asking for help is fine, asking for a hand-out is not.
  4. NO HARASSMENT / STALKING – Do not over-extend your welcome. Do not attempt to research members IRL, and do not attempt to send them invites on social media sites if they express they do not want said contact. We allow for social media linking for emergency contacts and to keep members informed on our guild activities and should not be used to post game images on someone’s facebook profile.

Family, We Are

Our community is a close-knit family. Most of our bonds are unbreakable and unshakable.  We are a very old community stretching back to Runescape and the early days of EverQuest.

Most of our members know each other in real life, the few that don’t usually will before they hit the 4-year mark.  BBQ’s and officer’s hosting outings are very regular.

Steam Friendly

Our reach is like no other.  Our community stretches into more than 200 games on the market from EverQuest, to Elder Scrolls, to Early Access multiplayer and multiplayer games on Steam.

Our website will also link your account directly to your steam profile if you login or link your account with Steam.

Drama Free

We simply do not allow it.  We play games, not “Days of Our Lives”.  Recruits that show signs of drama queening are removed as soon as it is confirmed.  We do not tolerate excessive drama and we do not tolerate those who cannot respect a chain of command.

Both are essential to coordination and virtual team-combat.  We would love to have a full democracy, but it simply does not work out that way.

Social Focus, Not Exclusion

We aim to incorporate as many people as possible into our community. As you can see from the style of our website, we promote social interaction, ‘friending’, groups, and sub-communities. We’re not out to exclude anyone from our community based on another guild choice in another game or their inability or not wanting to play a game we are playing.


We cannot accept donations.  We can accept gifts and allow our members to pay the bills.  This comes from our TeamSpeak license; obviously, it is a Licensing Violation for any community that uses their “Non-Profit” free license to collect donations of any kind.

Our finances are handled by the month. Without having to worry about TeamSpeak3 Licensing, we would normally just collect donations and store it in a PayPal account for the year and either return donations we didn’t use or buy another kick-ass server.  But that is just simply how it can’t work using a free TeamSpeak license.

What we can do is start a hosting account, request that the company invoice us, and give members a pay link per invoice.  This cannot be considered a donation of any kind as this happens with every community using the non-profit license — no? Where did they get their hardware to host TS3? Was it osmosis?  Right, someone paid for it for them.

Yearly Liabilities

  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain Name
  • TeamSpeak License

Fiscal Forecast

Total Liabilities
Remaining Deficit

Peled Salsa – ~$400.00 (TS3 Commercial 512 Slot License Purchase) 4/18/2014
Sidirus – $50.00 PayPal Donation 5/30/2014

Member Bennifits

Our members enjoy several benefits that you just won’t find in other gaming communities around the net; and we’re more than happy to outline each one here for you:

  • Unparalleled Access
    We are on nearly every MMO in some form or the other, even MineCraft!
  • Close Knit Family
    Most of our members know each other on some personal level, we are family.
  • Social Media
    You’ll have access to create your own blog, and login with your FaceBook account.
  • No Drama Here
    Most of our members are of at least 30 years of age and a mature culture.
  • No More Pinches
    If a veteran member can’t afford a game, we’re known to make things happen.
  • Donations Not Necessary
    Our services are provided free-of-charge by GoldsboroGaming, while donations are appreciated, they are never required — in fact we ask that you help members out with subscriptions and buying games we’re focusing on rather than donating to the community.